Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Friday after Thanksgiving, 2013 Working menu


Fzw  Buffalo Chicken Balls BOTB Vol 15 97 Blue Cheese Dressing

FZe   Pork Rillettes FSc

Fz     Warner’s Country Pate with Mustard Selection and Cornichon

Fze    Mustard Batons ARMFT

Tue   Tapas Canapés in Endive

          Chicken Liver Pate

          Selected Sausages and Prosciuttos – Purchased

          Cheese Platter, Olive Selection

          Shrimp with Pickles

          Stephanie's Crudites & dip


Beef Tenderloin with Cornichon Sauce GM 10/84 112

Risotto with Gorgonzola and Pear LCFTH

Green Beans with Mustard Sauce

Corn Pudding DH

Creamed Onions


Stephanie’s Fruit Salad

Ursula’s Pecan Pie

Chocolate Cake Purchased

Cheese Cake Purchased

Blueberry Ice Cream GM 7/90 123

Strawberry Ice Cream GM 9/09

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