Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 25, 2013


An old friend of mine gleefully stated that this year we should be singing “I’m Dreaming of a White Easter”.  Needless to say, she lives in Florida.  I told her we would be entertaining Snow Bunnies instead of Easter Bunnies this year.  In any case, it looks as though she was not far off.  We have a couple of inches on the ground now and we are expecting at least three more this evening.  As this rate we’ll be singing “I’m Dreaming of a White Fourth of July”

As is not unusual, some things got changed. As example Thursday's roast beef actually got done on Friday. and so forth

Mon. AM            Pancakes with Chicken Gravy

Mon PM             Freezer Trove

Tues PM             Roast Chicken with Pan Gravy
                             Steamed Rice, Corn

Peonys breaking thorough

Weds. AM          Israeli Shankshuka f/i

                                  Scrambled eggs, turkey cranberry sausage

Weds. PM           Salmon Cakes with Herbed Potato Crust BOTB Vol 14 242
                             Tartare Sauce, Salad

Thurs. AM          Challah  French Toast
                            Club sandwich

Thurs. PM           Lydia’s Pasta with Sausages, Leeks and Cabbage LIAK 121

Out with the old ~1992

In with the new

Fri. AM               Tuna Melts

Fri. PM                Warner's night to cook
                             Roast Beef with Madeira Pan Sauce
                             Mashed Potatoes, Green beans sauteed in bacon fat

Sat. AM               Keema over Rice BA 4/88

Sat. PM               Hunsteca Style Chicken in Mole Z 208
                             Arros Blanco Z 291
                             Sautéed Corn

Sun. AM             Pasta with Ragu f/I, Italian Bread

Sun. PM              Garlic Shrimp
                             Ham Braised in Burgundy
                             Potato Gratin
                             Sautéed Green Beans

Friday, March 22, 2013

March 18, 2013


Mon. AM            Escarole Soup with Turkey Meatballs f/i

Mon. PM            Pot Luck from the Freezer Trove

Tues. AM            Pasta with White Clam Sauce CCI

Tues. PM            Beef Stew
                             Rice Salad

Weds. AM          Beef Chili over Rice with Sour Cream 60 Min.

Weds. PM           Pork Chops with Sage, Figs and Balsamic Vinegar SCBE 246
                             Gorgonzola Polenta SCBE 364

Thurs. PM           Warner’s Irish Stew

Fri. AM               Pierre Franey’s Garbure f/i

Fri. PM                Pork Chops revisited

Sat. AM               Beef Chili revisited

Sat. PM               Country Pate f/i
                             Classic Roast Chicken, Pan Gravy
                             Rice, Bread Stuffing, Corn

Sun. AM             Frozen Pizza

Sun. PM              Cheese and Crackers
                             Roast Beef, Pan Sauce with Madeira
                             Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans