Friday, April 27, 2012

April 30, 2012

Mon. AM             Pulled Pork Sandwiches f/i

Mon. PM              Turkey Pot Pie, Salad

Tues. AM             Lentil Soup with Crumbled Sausages and Dilitini  IHC 80

Tues. PM              Pork Chops Braised with Dried Cherries BA 3/98  96
                             Buttered Spaetzle and Sauteed Kale

Weds. AM            Poached Eggs with Corned Beef Hash CCI

Weds. PM             Irish Stew with Breast of Lamb GM 3/94 169
                             Tossed Salad, Peasant Bread

Thurs. AM           The New York’s Oyster Bar’s New England Clam Chowder

Thurs. PM            Spagetti Carbonara  IHC 91
                             Tossed Salad

Fri. PM                 Irish Stew revisited

Sat. AM               Clam Chowder Revisited

Sat. PM                Chinese Chicken Wings  CCII                                                  
Standing Roast of Beef, Pan Gravy with Marsala
Parmesan Roasted Asparagus BCFW

Sun. AM                   Lentil Soup Revisited

Sun. PM          Pickled Herring
                        Jacques Pepin’s Coq au Vin  EP
                        Grandes Croutons
                        Tossed Salad with Pears

Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012


Mon. AM             Kick Butt Gumbo with Basmati Rice f/s

Mon. PM              Veal Stew Provencal
                             Steamed Orzo, Sautéed Green Beans

Tues. AM             Scrambled Eggs and Bacon, Coffee

Tues. PM              Cod in Red Wine Sauce
                             Steamed Basmati Rice
                             Baby Peas

Weds. AM            Creamy Potato Soup with Carrots and Celery CIC I 58

Weds. PM            Roast Pork with Onion Marmalade
                             Brown Rice, Onion and Mushroom Pilaf
                             Sautéed Green Beans

Thurs. AM           Pasta Shells with Bell Peppers, Goat Cheese and Basil GM 8/90 120

Thurs. PM            Jacques Pepin’s Beef Pot Pie FW 2004 141
                             Sautéed Zucchini

Fri. AM                Potato Soup Revisited

Fri. PM                 Chicken Bouillabaisse f/a
                             Fresh Peasant Bread
                             Kale, Tossed Salad

Sat. AM               Grilled Home Made Brats with Sauerkraut

Sat. PM                Chinese Chicken Wings CCI
                             Braised Lamb Chops with Caper Sauce GM     12/90 298
                             Potatoes Lyonnaise LC
 Sautéed Radishes with Scallions 60 Min

Sun. AM              Baked Eggs with Cheddar Cheese GM 3/89 108
                             Home Made Chicken Basil Sausage

Sun. PM               Patricia Wells’ Savory Rosemary Madelines
                             Ham Braised in Red Wine TLG
                             Sherried Sweet Potatoes with Apples FW 11/90 168
                             Roasted Asparagus with Parmesan

Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 16, 2012


Sorry we‘ve been late in posting these last two menus.  Sometimes things get a bet crazy around here – as in most other households.

To begin, Julia Child, our 12 year old spade “domestic short haired” female cat has turned into a, well, excuse the expression, cougar.  All of a sudden there is a very handsome young tom hanging around and making loud, longing sounds in the middle of the night.  He bears a distinct resemblance to our former cat, Escoffier and we’re guessing he is an offspring (Escoffier was a very busy cat…) We don’t need another cat - Julia Child is quite enough to handle.

She, now, has been energized by this new conquest.  We’ve never had problems with her going after “people” food.  Not so anymore… Last week I had taken the still partially frozen fillet out to slice, and having done so, left it on the counter to continue defrosting.  We had a lot less fillet for our Shabu Shabu that evening. And she was, well, sick as a dog.

I had also put a pound of shrimp out to defrost on Monday for the Paella.  She got a good quarter pound of that – shells and all.  Needless to say, we are a lot more careful these days…

Food highlight for the two weeks as the lamb from Jacques Pepin’s Chez Jacques. The weather did not allow for grilling, so I simply roasted it and made a pan sauce out of the drippings, some lamb stock (I could have used chicken or veal stock) and the addition of a little of the reserved marinade.  It was one of the best lamb dishes I have done.  The combination of the balsamic vinegar and the hoisin sauce in the marinade worked spectacularly well – I highly recommend it!

The Paella was also good, although it took a little longer than the recipe implied. The trick as always here, is not to over cook the squid. Something different for a week night.

The lettuces and arugula potted on the deck are yielding our first spring salads and I have acquired some herbs to put out next week – the next few days being cold again.  It is such a pleasure to go out with one’s colander and presto – there’s dinner! I am attempting to grow sugar snap peas in the pots I use later for cherry tomatoes. I am thinking that they will be happy attaching themselves to the tomato cages. We shall see! Every Spring is a new adventure!

Mon.           Jose Andres’ Smoky Paella with Shrimp and Calamari FW 5/10 66
                   Sautéed Kale with Garlic and Lemon
                   Tossed Salad

Tues.           Balsamic Hoisin Roasted Lamb
                   Rice Pilaf with Onions and Mint
                   Sautéed Green Beans

Weds.                   Prep for Routine Colonoscopy.  Need I say more….

Thurs.         Chanterelle’s Chicken and Dumplings f/i
                   Tossed Salad

Fri.              Anthony Bourdain’s Onglet Gaston (Hangar Steak) LHC
                   Oven Fries
                   Spinach Simmered in Yogurt FW 2/09

Sat.             Pickled Herring with Crackers
                   Orange Soy Glazed Braised Pork Country Ribs GM 1/05
                   Steamed Rice
                   Sesame Asparagus

Sun.            Shrimp Pan Cakes FWS
                   Cornish Game Hens with Fresh Thyme and Figs BA 10/81 74
                   Lemon Barley Pilaf BA 3/07 114
                   Sautéed Zucchini with Caraway

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 9, 2012


It is “that” time of year again – garden preparation.  Ugh! So as we beat back the killer weeds and try to scare off the woodchucks we have to cut back on other stuff. Ergo, for the next few weeks we  will continue to post our menus, but sans essays, wines or pictures.  We hope you will understand and have pity on our  aching backs……

Mon. AM             Pasta with clam suace

Mon. PM              Chicken Mole BAC 117
                             Yellow Rice, Baby Peas

Tues. PM              Lamb Curry
                             Steamed Rice, Steamed Broccoli

Weds. AM            Turkey Vegetable Soup f/i

Weds. PM            Shrimp Pilau with Bacon CCSC
                             Tossed Salad

Thurs. AM           Warner’s Home Made Hot Dogs

Thurs. PM            Steak Marema LI
                             Sautéed Potatoes with Garlic IHC
                             Sautéed Cucumbers with Dill

Fri. AM                Steak and Eggs

Sat. AM               Cold Cuts

Sat. PM                Shrimp Quiche JCI
                             Basic Roast Chicken with Pan Gravy
                             Steamed Rice
                             Roasted Asparagus

Sun. AM              Eggs Benedict

Sun PM                Chinese Chicken Wings CCI
                             Roast Standing Rib of Beef with Madeira Pan Sauce
                              Mashed Potatoes
                             Sautéed Green Beans 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 2, 2012


It would appear that Easter is upon us.  The local Stop and Shop has so many Easter lilies in stock that it smells like a funeral parlor …I picked up a leg of lamb, which is traditional for my family.  And we don’t eat a lot of it as it tends to run rather pricey around here.  Left overs should make for a good curry next week.  And I’ll keep it simple as it is just the two of us, and or course, the cat.

I was emailing my beautiful great niece today and was reminded of what Easter used to be.  Of course, the new outfit which included a hat and white gloves.  And my father used to get corsages for my mother and me.  Things have certainly changed.  I own neither a pair of white cloves nor a hat (with or without the veil). And will probably sit down for dinner in a pair of slacks.  My mother would be horrified….

Mon. AM    Pea Soup with Croutons Soup

Mon. PM    Key West Pork Chops CC I Tossed Salad

Tues. AM   Scallion Omelets

Tues PM     Patricia Wells’ Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic BC-PW
                   Buttered Farfalle
                   Salad, Peasant Bread

Weds. AM  Turkey Vegetable Soup f/i

Weds. PM   Beef Stew with Orange and Mushrooms f/i
                   Buttered Noodles, Baby Peas

Thurs. PM  Eric Ripert’s Pan Roasted Salmon with Red Wine Lentil Sauce BCCB-R
                   Peasant Bread, Tossed Salad

Fri. AM      Pea Soup f/i

Fri. PM       Lidia’s Fabulous Sausage in the Skillet With Grapes LCFTH 214
                   Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce, Tossed Salad

Sat. AM      Keema Over Rice F/i

Sat. PM      Blue Cheese Walnut Dip FW 2011
                   Chicken Mole with Chipotles BAC 118
                   Yellow Rice, Baby Peas

Sun. AM     Pasta Bolognese f/i

Sun. PM     Shrimp in Garlic Sauce Tapas
                   Roasted Leg of Lamb with Garlic, Rosemary & Thyme
                   Red Wine Pan Sauce
                   Potatoes Savoyard JC I
                   Roasted Asparagus