Sunday, June 5, 2011

Book Codes

AAAB               An American Bounty (CIA)
AAB OP         All About Braising (One Pot)
AAF                An American Feast
AAAP                An American Place
AATW             All Around The World
AC                  Apple Cookbook
ACC                Arnaud’s Creole Cookery
AC-TB            Artisanal Cooking – Terrance Brennan
ACT                 A Chef’s Table (Franey)
AF –JG           Asian Flavors – Jean George –Vongrticher
AHAH                        Ad Hoc At Home
AHIP              At Home In Provence - Welles
AHWFC         At Home with the French Classics
AMSF             All Maine Seafood Cookbook
AM                  American Masala
AMERBR American  Brasserie
AMRB Authentic Mexican Cooking – Rick Bayless
AN Asian Noodles
AOG               Art of the Grill
AOP                Art of Preserving
AP                   Asian Pasta
AP -12             Alfred Portale – 12 Seasons
APCHC          Alex Patout Cajun Home Cooking
APSP              Alfred Portale Simple Pleasures
ARAB             Arabesque
ARTC Artisinal Cooking
AT                   Arab Table
 ATBC            Asian The Beautiful Cookbook
ATVT              America The Vegetarian Table
ATWC Around The World Cookbook

BA M/YY      Bon Appetit M/YY

BAB                Beard on Beard
BAC                Bon Appetit Cookbook
BACON          Bacon
BAD               Breakfast All Day
BAL                Balsamico
BAR                2000 Best Amer. Recipes 2000
BAR                2001-2 “   “ “
BB Barbecue Bible
BC – CIA       Boot Camp CIA
BCAT                         Barefoot Contessa At Home
BCBTB           Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics
BCC                Barefoot Contessa Cookbook
BCP                Barefoot Contessa Parties
BCFW             Barefoot Contessa Family Style
BC- PW          Bistro Cooking  - Pataricia Wells
B-DB              Braise – Daniel Bouloud
BDOP                         Beard on Pasta
BDSV                         Black Dog summer on the Vineyard
BFC                Black Forest Cuisine
BFCK             Berghoff Family Cookbook
BFGI               Bobby Flay’s Grill It - Autographed
BG Blue Ginger
BGW               Beyond The Great Wall
BI Buigiall’s Italy
BIP                  Barefoot In Paris
BKS                Barbara Kafka Soup
BLT                 Bistro Laurent Tourondel
BMG               Boy Meets Grill
BNNEC          Book of New England Cooking –Judith & Evan Jones
BOB Best of Beard
BOC Boucouse
BOCC                         Best of Craig Claiborne
BOFW            Best of Food and Wine
BOP Bugialli on Pasta
BOTB                         2000 Best of the Best 2000
BOTB             2001 “  “ “
BOTB                         Vol 5 “   “ (2002)
BOTB                         Vol 6 “  “ (2003)
BOTB                         Vol 7“  “ (2004)
BOTB             Vol 8:” “  (2005)
BOTB                         Vol 9  “ 2006
BOTB                         Vol 10 “  “ 2007
BOTB             Vol. ll “  “ 2008
BOTB                         Vol. 12 “ “ 2009
BRW               Best Recipes in the World
B&S Braises and Stews
BS                   Bite Sized
BT                   Basque Table
B-TK Bouchon – Thomas Keller
BVD               Boulevard
BWJ                Baking with  Julia (autographed)
BWKB            Bert Wolf’s Kitchen bouquet

C – SL             Celebrate – Sheila Lukins
CAH  - CIA    Cooking at Home – CIA
CATKB          Cooking At the Kasba
CBCB             Chesapeake Bay Cook Book
CBC                Chesapeake Bay Cooking
CBG                Classic Barbecue Grill
CBOP                         Complete Book of Pork
CC!                 Cuban Cucina
CCI New York Times Craig Calirborne Vol 1
CC II               “” Vol 2
CCAW            Chateau Cuisine – Anne Willan
CCC Crescent City Cookbook
CCF                Country Cooking of France –Anne Willan
CCFNYT        Craig Claiborne Favorites NYT III
CCGD             Craig Claiborne Gourmet Diet
CCLC             Complete Cooking Light Cookbook
 CCMM           Craig Claiborne – Memorable Meals
CCSC              Craig Claiborne – Southern Cooking
CDS                Cucina Del Sole
CFC                Crazy for Casseroles
CFB               Cuisinart Fondue Book
CFP                 Cuisinart  Food Processor
CFS                 Cooking Fish and Shellfish
CH                  Chanterelle
CIAAB           CIA Artesanal Breads
CIABP                        CIA Baking and Pastry
CIA BAH       CIA Baking at Home
CIA BB          CIA Breakfast and Brunch
CIA-BC          CIA Boot Camp
CIACAH        CIA Cooking at Home
CIA – Curries  CIA Curries Around the World
CIA – GM      CIA Garde Manger
CIA – GMM   CIA  Meals in Minutes
CIA – G          CIA Grilling
CIA HAH       CIA Hors d’oeuvre at Home
CIANBS         CIA New Book of Soups
CIA- ODM     CIA One Dish Meals
CIA V                          CIA Vegetables
CIC I                Classic Italian Cooking Vol I - Hazan
CIC II             “ “” vol II - Hazan
CICI                Cooking In Cast Iron
CICM Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker
CITK               Cooking in the Keys
CITN               Cooking in the Nude
CJ                    Chez Jaques (Autographed)
CK                  Commanders Kitchen
CK-LO            C hinese Kitchen – Lo
CLA 97           Cooking Light Annual 1997
CLA   99         “ “   “ ‘99
CLA 2000       “  “   “ 2000
CLA  01          “ “   “ ‘01
CLA  02          “ “   “ ‘02
CLA  03          “ “   “ 03
CLA 04           “  “  “ ‘04
CLA 05           “  “  “ ‘05
CLA 06           “  “  “ ‘06
CLA 07           “  “  “ ‘07
CLA 08           “  “  “ ‘08
CLA 09           “  “  “ ‘09
CLA 10           “  “  “ ‘10
CMTP                         Carlo Middiones tradional Pasta
COH               Cuisine of Hungary
COSWF          Cooking of Southwest France
COTEM          Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean - Wolfert
CP Cold pasta
CPCC              Chez Panisse Café Cookbook (autographed)
CPV                Ches Panisse Vegetables
CPCCK Charlie Palmers Casual Cooking
CPNO                         Commander’s Palace New Orleans
CP – V Chez Panisse Vegetables
CR                   Cuisine Rapide - Franey
CS-CIA           Cooking Secrets of the CIA
CTIC               Classic Techniques of Italian Cooking-  Hazan
CTMG             Charlie Trotter’s Meat and Game
CWC               Cooking with Claudine - Pepin
CWCCPF        Cooking with Craig Claiborne and Pierre Franey
CWDB            Cooking with Daniel Bouloud
CWHS            Cooking with Herbs and Spices - Claiborne
CWJF              Cooking with Japanese Foods
CWMC           Cooking with M aster chefs - Child
CWS               Cooking with Salmon
CWSF Cooking with Shelbourne Farms
CW60m           Cooking with the 60 Min. Gourmet

D – Delicioso
DAD               Dean and Delucia
DBCBC          Daniel Boulod Café Boulud Cookbook
DH                  Down Home
DIP Dip It
DMK DeMedici Kitchen
DSCB                         Daily Soup Cook Book
DWHD           Dishes from the Wild Horse Desert

ECIC               Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking -Hazan
ECWJP           Every Day Cooking with Jacques Pepin
ED                   Emeril’s Delmonicos
EEWB Everyone Eats Well in Belgium
EF                   Everyday Food
EI                    Everyday Italian -Delaurentis
EL Entertaining Light
EOF East of Paris (Bouley)
EN Easy Noodles
EP                   Emeril’s Potluck
EWC Essential Wok Cookbook

F&S                 Fish and Shellfish
FAIC               Fine Art of Italian Cooking Bugialli
FALW             From a Lighthouse Window
FBIK From Bibba’s Italian Kitchen
FCA                Fine Cooking Annual
FCC                French Chef’s Cookbook
FCFA              French Cusine for All
FCK                French Country Cooking
FF                    Finger Food
FFAA French Food American Accent (Ponzak)
FFCB French Farmhouse Cookbook
FFF                 Food for Friends ( Kafka)
FFF  - V          Fresh From France – Vegetables
FFMY                         Fast Foods My Way (Pepin)
FFSB               Food and Friends – Simone Beck
FHCK             Farm House Cookbook
FJBER            Farm Journal’s Best Ever Recipes
FLC                 French Laundry Cookbook
FMFL Feast made for Laughter  (Claiborne)
FMTYT           From My Kitchen to Your Table (Flay)
FNF                 Food Network Favorites
FNK                Food Network Kitchens
FOG Field of Greens
FOHTY           From our House to Yours
FOK From Our Kitchens – CIA
Fondue – Fondue
FOSI               Foods of Southern Italy
FOT                 Flavors of Tuscany - Jenkins
FRFCI             A From the Recipe Files of the CIA
FSSC Four Seasons Spa Cuisine
FSBF               Frank Stitt’s Bottoga Foritta
FSST Frank Stitt’s Southern Table
FTF                 Farm To Fork (Emeril)
FW Food and Wine
FWA 00          Food and Wine Annual 2000
FWA 01          “           “      “           “ 2001
FWA02           “           “      “            “ 2002
FWA 03          “           “       “           “ 2003
FWA 04          “            “      “           “ 2004
FWA 05 “            “     “            “ 2005
FWA 06 “             “     “ “  2006
FWA 07 “            “      “           “ 2007
FWA 08 “             “      “ “  2008
FWA 09 “              “     “ “  2009
FWA 10 “             “      “ “  2010
WAD              Fish without a Doubt
FWOF             Food and Wine of  Greece
FWS                Food and Wine of Spain – Casas
FWAD                        Fish Without a Doubt            

G- Garlic
GAH               Giada at Home
GAC Great Amer. Chef (Waxman)
GASF              Great American Seafood
GB                  Grill Bk
G – SS Gratins Savory and Sweet
GBFI               Guiliano Bugialli’s Foods of  Italy
GBFT “   “ Tusca
 GC                 Grilled Cheese
 GCB               Gallatoires Cook Book
GCCB                         Gardiners Community Cookbook
GCK               Gulf Coast Kitchens
GCOB             Grand Central Oyster Bar
GDMT                        Good Meat
GFD                Giada’s Family Dinners
GFQ                Great Food Quick (Revson)
GGB               Gale Gand’s Brund
GGCB             Gourmet Garage Cookbook
GGF                Great Good Food
GK                  Giada’s Kitchen
GLCH             George Lang’s Cuisine of Hungary - Autographed
GLH Garlic Lover’s Handbook
GM                  Granita Magic
GM M/YY       Gourmet M/YY
GMCB I          Gourmet Cookbook Vol 1
CMCB II          “ “ Vol 2
GMMCB         Gourmet Menu Cookbook
Gratins                        Gratins
GWC               Great  Women Chefs

HCC                Heartland Cooking Casseroles
HC – JP           Happy Cooking Jacques Pepin
HF Home Food
HRVC             Hudson River Valley Cookbook
HVM               Hudson Valley Mediterranean

IBCB              Italy the Beautiful Cookbook
ICATA Italian Cooking at the Acad.
IC Ice Cream
ICB Inn Cook Book ( Kropotkin) Autographed
ICCB Italian Country Cookbook
ICC-CP           Italian Country Cooking – Cucina Povera
ICT                  Italian Country Table (Kasper)
IC – T                Italian Cooking – Tuscan
IFPB               Il Fornaio Pasta cookbook
IG                    Indoor Grilling (Raichlen)
IGK                 In the Green Kitchen
IHC                 In The Hands of a Chef (Adams)
IMC                In Madeline’s Kitchen - Kamman
IPOF               In Pursuit of Flavor (autographed)
ISO                 In Short Order (Gourmet)
ISS                  Italian Slow and Savory (Goldstein)
ITIC                Invitation to Indian Cooking (Jaffrey)

JBHDO           James Beard’s Hors d’Oeuvres
JBCC James Beards Celebration Cookbook
JB DP              James Beards Delights and Prejudices
JBMFE            James Beards Meals for Entertaining
JBNFC            James Beards New Fish Cookery
JBOP               James Beard on Pasta
JBTP James Beard’s Theory and Practice
JC I                 Julia Child vol 1
JC II                 “  “ Vol 2.
JC&C Julia Child and Co.
JC&MC           Julia Child and More Co
JCSA               Japanese Cooking  a Simple Art
JG                    Jean George
JJCH                Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home
JKW Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom
JMF                 James McNair Favorites
JOC Joy of Cooking
JOJC               Joy of Japanese Cooking
JPMFF                        Jaques Pepin’s More Fast Food
JP – TA Jacques Pepin – The Apprentice
JPC                  Jacques Pepin Celebrates
JPCE               Jacques Pepin’s Cusine Economique
JP – CT           Jacques Pepin Complete Techniques
JPMFF                        Jacque’s Pepin’s More Fast Food
JTC Jerimiah Tower cooks
JWCFNE        Jasper White’s Cooking from New England
JWSSC            Jasper White’s Summer Shack Cookbook

KC Kitchen and Cook - CIA
KHEMW        Ken Homs East Meets West
KTCC             Key To Chinese cooking
KS s- CT         Kitchen Sessions – Charlie Trotter
KWWC           Key West Woman’s Club

L&F                Loaves and Fishes
L&L                Lean and Luscious
LAH                Lobster at Home (Jasper White)
LBC                La Bonne Cuisine – Saint Ange
LBCR                         La Bouche Creole
LBCW            Lee Bailey’s Country Weekends
LBCB – R       Le Bernadin’s Cookbook _  Ripert
LBCF              Lee Bailey’s City Food
LBCFF            Lee Bailey’s Cooking for Friends
LBF                 Le Bec Fin - Perrier
LBGP              Lee Bailey’s Good Parties
LBPF              Lee Bailey’s Portable Food
LBSC              Lee Brothers Southern Cookbook
LC Lutece Cookbook
LCBAT           Le Cordon Blue at Home
LCC                Low cholesterol Cookbook
LCDL             La Cuisine di Lidia
LCDM                          La Cucina De Mama – Casas
LDOIA           Little Dishes of Italy – Antipasto
LCFTH           Lidia Cooks from the Heart of Italy
LF _ DM           Local flavors – Deborah Madison
LFT                 Lidia’s Family Table
LGC                Leon Gallatoire’s Cookbook
LGSB Lemon Grass and Sweet Basil
LHC                Les Halles Cookbook ) Bourdain
LFG                La France Gastronomique (Willin)
LFT                 Lydia’s Family Table
LI Lidia’s Italy
LIAK              Lidia’s Italian American Kitchen
LIK Lidia’s Italian Kitchen
LIT                  Lidia’s Italian Table
LOTK Lilies of the Kitchen
LP Lorenza’s Pasta
LPT Lulu’s Provencal Table
LTF                 La Terra Fortuna
LVC                La Vera Cucina (Middione)

M&S               McCormick and Schmicks
MAHR            Marcia Adams Heirloom Recipes
MANRQC      Marcia Adams New Recipes from Quilt Country
MB – B            Mario Batali – Babbo
MC                  Madeline Cooks – Kamman
MCB               Monticello Cook Book
MCCC Michael Chirellos Casual cooking
MCIK                         Marcella’s Italian Kitchen - Hazan
MCJW             Master Class Johnston and Wales
MCL Mangos and Curry Leaves
McMH             Marcella Cusina – Marcella Hazan
MCS McCormick ad Schmicks
MDC               Mediterranean Diet cookbook
ME Mexican Everyday Bayless
MG                  Mediterranean Grilling
MG                  Microwave Gourmet
MIM                Made In Marsaille
MIMB             Multo Italiano Mario Batali
MJC                 Madhur Jaffrey’s Cookbook
MJFEC Madhur Jaffrey’s Far Eastern cookbook
MJIC               Madhur Jaffrey’s Indian cookbook
MJIC-HB                    “  “ – Hard Bound
MKS               Madelie Kamman’s Savoie
ML                  Mediterranean Light
MOAC            Making of a Cook (Kamman)
MOACK         Memories of a Cuban Kitchen
MOTG                        Meat on The Grill
MRRC                        Mrs. Rowe’s Restaurant Cookbook
MS Marcella Says
MSC                Martha Stewart Cookies
MSHDOH      Martha Stewarts Hors d’Oeuvres Handbook
MSH O           Martha Stewart’s Hor d’Oeuvres
MSLTC           Michael Symon’s Live To Cook
MSNFC          Miami Spice New Florida Cuisine
MTBC             Mexico the Beautiful Cookbook
MUF               Muffins
MUST             Mustards
MWDC           Microwave Diet Cookbook
MNO               My New Orleans

NBCB                         New Basics Cookbook
NCC                Newport Cooks and Collects
NDCE                         Nathalie Dupree’s Comfortable Entertaining
NED                Noodles Every Day
NF                   Nigella Fresh
NGC               New German Cookbook
NJB New James Beard
MKTIS            Nobody Knows the Truffles I’ve Seen (Lang) autographed
NNSB             New New Southern Basics
NRFTC           New Recipes for the Cusinart (Beard)
NWC               New  World Cuisines
NYCB             New York Cook Book

O                     Onions
O & O             Olives and Oranges
OA                  Oriental Appetizers
OFFC              Official Fulton Fishmarket cookbook
OFR                Our Favorite Recipes
OHC               Open Hand Cookbook
OHCB             Onion Harvest cookbook
OPTP              One Potato Two Potato
OPS                 One Pot Spanish
OSTS              One Spice Two Spice
OTL                On The Line
OTOF              On Top of Spaghetti
OV                  Occasional Vegetarian

P – AN            Potatoes Ann Nichels
PB                   Planet BBQ
P&S                 Pum[kins and Squashes
Paella               Paella - Casas
Parm                Parmesano!
PASL              Pasta Light
PC – CIA        Professional Chef – CIA
PE                   Panini Express
Peaches           Peaches
PFCA Pierre Franney’s Cooking in America
PFCB              Paul Prudhommme Family Cookbook
PFCF Pierre Franey’s Cooking in France
PFCT               Pierre Franey’s Chef’s Tale
PFCWF “” Cook with Friends
PFLCG           “  “ Low calorie Gourmet
PHC                Parisian Home Cooking – Michael Roberts
Phyllo Phyllo
PIC                   Picnic
PL Provencal Light
POSF              Pleasures of Slow Food
POT                 Potager
POTGE           Pleasure of t he Good Earth (Giobbi)
PPLK              Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen
PPLT               “ “ Louisiana Tastes
PS                    Pasta Salads
PT Prime Time
PTTT Please To the Table
PWT                  Patricia Wells Tratoria
PWVH Patricia Wells Veg.  Harvest

QFS                 C  Quick from Scratch – chicken
QFS - H&S      “ “ Herbs and Spices
QFS  - I           “ “  Italian
QFS – P          “ “  Pasta
QFS – SS          “  “ Soups and Salads

RC                   Raj Cuisine
RCM               River Cottae Meat.
R – BK             Roasting – Barbara Kafka
RBMK            Rick Bayless Mexican Kitchen
RG                  Real Grilling
RIG                 Raichlen’s Indoor Grilling
ROIC              Rennaisance of Italian Cooking (DeMedici)
RB Roux Brothers
RS                   Real Stew
RVV               Roger Verges Vegetables
RTC                Return to Cooking (Ripert) autographed

Sauces             Sauces - Peterson
SB&B Stews Bogs and Burgoos (Villas)
SBFF               Simone Beck Food and Friends
SCAA Saveur cooks Authentic American
SCAI               “ “ “ Italian
SC – PBS        Sunshine Cuisine PBS
 SCB               Squash Cook Book
SCC                Simple Chinese Cooking
SCC-JP           Short Cut Cook – Jacques Pepin
SEWC             Simply Elegant  Windsor Court
SFS                 Simple Fresh Southern
SITK               Sparks In The Kitchen
SLBBQ           Southern Living BBQ
SMM               Secrets of the MASH Mess
SOP                 Summer on A Plate
SFCB              Seafood Cookbook (Franey)
SFCC I            San Franciso Chroncile Vol 1
SFCCI               “””Vol 2
SF –PW           Simply French  - Patricia Wells
SFF                 Simple French Food - Olney
SH                   Second Helpings (Romano)
SHC – JP        Simple Healthy Cooking – Jacques Pepin
SIF                  Simple Italian Food
SLC                 Shun Lee Cookbook
SMC Slow Mediterranean  Cooking
SPCB Silver Palate Cook Book
SPGT              Silver Palate Good Times
SS                    Savannah Seasons
SSAB              Sweet Side of Amy’s Breads
STHC              Salute To Healthy Cooking
STHTES          Splendid Table’s How To Eat Supper
Sushi               Sushi
SW                  Savory Way - Madison

T                       Taste (Rosengarten)
T & C              Tangines & Couscous
T-MM              Tacos- Mark Miller
Tapas Tapas – Casas
TBC                The Blender Cookbook
TBCB              Tuscany the Beautiful Cookbook
TCB Tratoria Cook Book  - Bibba
TCC                The Chinese Cookbook (Claiborne)
TCK                The Chinese Kitchen
TCL                 Things Cooks Love
TGCB             The Good Cook – Breads
TGCB&V “  “ “ - Beef and Veal
TGCE & C      “  “ “  - Eggs and Cheese
TGCBEV        “  “ “  - Beverages
TGCC             “  “  “ –Cakes
TGCCDY       “  “ “  -Candy
TGCCD          “  “ “  - Classic Desserts
TGCDB & G  “  “ “  - Dried Beans and Grains
TGCF              “  “ “  - Fish
TGCL              “  “ “  - Lamb
TGCP&P         “  “ “  -  Pies and Pastries
TGCF              “  “ “  -  Fruit
THCP              “  “ “  - Pork
TGCHdO        “  “ “  - Hors d’Oevres
TGCP              “  “ “  - Poultry
TGCPres.        “  “ “  - Preserving
TGCOC          “  “ “  - Outdoor Cooking
TGCPasta        “  “ “   - Pasta
TGCSAL        “  “  “ - Salads
TGCS&S         “  “ “  - Sandwiches and Snacks
TGCSauces     “  “  “ – Sauces
TGCSF            “  “  “ – Shell Fish
TGCTP&G      “  “  “ – Terrines Pates and Galantines
TGCS              “  “  “ – Soups
THGV             “  “  “ – Vegetables
TGCVM          “  “ “  Variety Meats
TCGW                        “  “  “ - Wine
THC                Texas Home Cooking
THC                Taste of Home Cookies
TG I Today’s Gourmet Vol 1
TG II               “  “ Vol 2
TGC                The Greek Cook
TGCB             The Greens Cookbook -Madison
TGT The Greek Table
TLAC Think Like a Chef
TLACSS         Time Life American Cook /Southern Style
TLACC           “  “ American/Creole
TLAEH           “  “ American/Eastern Heartland
TLAGW          “  “  “ /Great West
TLANE           “  “  “/New England
TLANW          “  “  “ /North West
TLBI               “  “  British Isles
TLC                 “  “ Chinese
TLCI               “  “  Caribbean Isles
TLCF              “  “ Classic French
TLG                “  “  Germany
TLIND                        “  “   India
TLJ                  “  “   Japan
TLI                  “  “   Italy
TLLA              “  “   Latin America
TLME             “  “   Middle East
TLPF               “   “ Provincial France
TLPSA            “  “ Pacific and South West Asia
TLQC              “  “ Quintet of Cuisines
TLR                 “  “ Russian
TLS                 “  “   Scandinavia
TLSP               “  “ Spain & Portugal
TLVE              “  “  Vienna Empire
TACC             Taste of Country Cooking
TNB                The New Basics
TNCC             The New Calif. Ckbook
TOHC                         Techniques of  Healthy cooking – CIA
TOS                 Taste of Summer
TOT                 The Olives Table
TP                    Traditional Pasta
TPC The Provence Cookbook (Wells)
TPNW Tastes of the Pacific North West
TSS The Silver Spoon
TST                 The Splendid Table – Kasper
TT                    True Tuscan

URC Ultimate Rice Cooker
USA                USA cookbook (Lukins
USC                Union Square Café (Romano)

VB                  Virginia’s Binders
V _ JP                         Vegetables – James Paterson
 VCE               Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone (Madison)
VENT             Venetian Table
VGCB             Victory Garden Cookbook
VT                   Villa Table-DeMedici_

WC Weir Cooking
WCG               Weber’s Characoal Grilling
WFP Wonderful Food of Provence
WFWC            When French Women Cook (Kamman)
WOF               World of Food (Wolfert)
WPAITK        Wolfgang Puck Adventures in the Kitchen
WPC Wolfgang Puck Cookbook
WPMF Wolfgang Puck Modern French Cooking
WSA               Well Seasoned Appetite (O’Neal)
WSAOP          Williams Sonoma Art of Preserving
WSBB             Williams Sonoma Breakfast & Brunch
WSCC             Williams Sonoma Cabin Cooking
WSCE             Williams Sonoma Complete Enteraining
WSCP             “ “ Complete Pasta
WSD               “  “ Desserts
WSHDO         “ “ Hors D’Oeuvres
WSOL             “ “ Outdoor Living
WSPT              “  “ Picnics & Tailgaits
WSSI              “” Savoring India
WSSM “” Savoring Mexico
WSSP              “” Savoring Spain and Portugal
WSSPR           “” Savoring Provence
WWP              “” Potatoes
WWSL            Weight Watchers Simply Light
WTC               Way to cook (Child)
WV World Vegetarian (Jaffrey)

YDHTBD       You Don’t Have to Be Diabetic
YMTS             Young Man and the Sea

Z                      Zarella’s Vera Cruz
ZC Zuni café
Zu                    Zucchini Cookbook

7FGAW          7 Fires Grilling the Argentinean Way
60 Min             60 Min Cards (Franey)
250 Muff         250 Muffins

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