Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012


Here is my first menu for the New Year.  Actually, it is more of a finishing up the food of the old year.  We did the turkey on New Year’s Eve and Warner wanted to follow it up with a gumbo.  Plus we had a ham in the freezer that we needed to cook. So, here we go again – casual cooking for two.  A 13 pound turkey and an 11 pound ham…. Expect to see ham/turkey leftovers appear in the following weeks.  But this should give us our freezer supply of gumbo this gumbo for the winter. (I also like to keep in a store of Emeril’s Kick Butt Gumbo for use on cold winter days)

Yesterday we were at Bill and Ellen’s for an open house for the afternoon. Having feasted on the great spread they put out, Warner still expected a full holiday dinner.  Originally we were going to do Julia Child’s fabulous sautéed lobster with Madeira and Cream, but Warner got to the store just after the last lobster was sold.  So we got a duck (at least this is a reasonable bird for two)

I did Princess Alexandra Kropotkin’s Braised Duck Moscow.  This is a very straight forward and simple dish.  The duck is braised in butter and its own fat with mirapoix and bay. The fat us used as the base of the roux and is finished with beef stock and Madeira.  I added the duck back to finish braising in the sauce to flavor the meat.

The problem was that the breast meat was done far in advance to the legs. To deal with this, Warner carved off the dark meat, tented the rest of the bird with foil and nuked the legs. This worked very well, although it was not the most elegant of presentations. It is a lovely dish to eat.

In short, we rang in the New Year with some good food for which we will pay at the gym going forward.  But what the hell. Life is too short to be bored by dinner.

And with that, I wish all of our friends the best of New Year’s and the wish that you will make the time for some really great food this year!

Mon. AM             Sour Cream Pancakes 
                             with Turkey Gravy/Maple Syrup
                             Home Cured Bacon

Mon. PM              Burgundy Braised Ham TGCG
                             Potatoes Savoyard
                             Sautéed Cabbage with Caraway
                             Penfold Shiraz

Tues. AM             Pea Soup f/i

Tues. PM              Roast Turkey, Pan Gravy
                             Creole Stuffing
                             Sautéed Corn
                             Wolf Blass Cabernet Shiraz

Weds. AM            Udon with Turkey and Leeks 
                              in Ginger Broth FW 10/91 138

(advance peak)

Weds. PM            Turkey, Sausage and Shrimp Gumbo GM 1/84 68
                             Steamed Rice
                             Tossed Salad
                              From the Kitchens of North Ridge Road
                              Rosemount Shiraz

Thurs. PM            Braised Ham revisited
                             Rosemount Shiraz

Fri. AM                Gumbo Revisited

Fri. PM                 Flaked Cod with Zucchini and Tomatoes EP 224
                             Peasant Bread
                             Tossed Salad
                              Noble Pig Pinot Gris 2009

Sat. AM               Pasta with White Clam Sauce CCI
                            Split Pea Soup with Gouda Sausage Panini

                                           (And the above is a link to the recipe
                            We had a ham bone left over, and this fresh chicken stock in the fridge

Sat. PM                Steamed Chinese Dumplings
                             Jacques Pepin’s Sweet and Spicy 
                             Chicken Curry EP 264
                             Steamed Rice
                             Baby Peas
                             Penfold Shiraz

Sun. AM              Huevos Rancheros

Sun. PM               Guacamole CCI
                             Warner’s Double Pork Chops 
                             Stuffed with Country Pate
                             Sautéed String Beans
                             Tossed Salad
                              Noble Pig Pinot Noir 2008

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