Saturday, January 21, 2017

January 16, 2017

Life is too short to be bored by dinner….
Over the years that we’ve posted our menus I have deliberately avoided any comment of a political nature.  My focus has been the food, not the political outlooks of the various people reading this.
Sadly, I have felt it necessary to say what I believe as loudly and as often as I am able. Despite the good food, there is a pit at the bottom of my stomach that simply will not go away.  I guess too many of us said too little for too long.  No longer.
At my age, I am no longer able to March on Washington (I have), but I strongly support these women – and anyone else standing up for decency, human rights and the United States Constitution.

When Virginia moved in with me, late summer of 1980, her mail of course started coming to my house and she of course saw what came to me. 

She was supporting The Gay Men's Health Crisis, I was supporting NARAL.  As it was in the beginning ...   wwj

Mon. AM    Hearty Barley Soup with Lentils and Red Swiss Chard revisited

Mon. PM     Sriracha Glazed Chicken Legs MS/VB
                   Steamed Rice
                   Glazed Carrots

Tues. AM    Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup revisited

Tues. PM    Pan Seared Tilapia with Chili Lime Butter GM 7/03
                   Sautéed Potatoes IHC
                   Roasted Acorn Squash

Weds. AM   Ditalini with Lentils and Shrimp revisited

Weds. PM   New England Boiled Dinner Revisited
                   Fresh Biscuits, Salad

Thurs. PM   Surprise Me From The Freezer

Fri. AM       Hot and Sour Soup MS/VB

Fri. PM       Roasted Chicken with Figs and Rosemary NYT/VB
                   Steamed Green Beans, Baguette, Salad

Sat. AM      Roast Beef Sandwiches with Tomato and Horseradish Mayo

Sat. PM       Pan Roasted Spare Ribs Treviso Style CIC I 301
                   Pasta with French Tomato Sauce
                   Braised Swiss Chard with Bacon and Hot Sauce BA11/16

Sun. AM     Challah French Toast

Sun. PM      Joyce Goldstein’s German Dinner
                   Classic Sauerbraten OHC
                   Potato Pancakes OHC

                   Braised Red Cabbage with Apple OHC

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