Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016

Life is too short to be bored by dinner…

Next weekend will be a big one for us.  Simona, my oldest Great Niece heads off to college and the family will be staying with us the night before “move in”.  Knowing that she will be subjected to “college” food for the next four years, I asked her what she’d like as her “last dinner”.  Fajitas – the answer.
This week I’ll do a big slow cooker pot of Pulled Pork.  Easy enough to do, and that is great stuff to have in the freezer year round. It is so helpful to have items like this in the freezer for instant meals when you’re tired or stressed or just don’t feel like cooking.
Other things I’ll be cooking up for the freezer or canner in the next few weeks will be tomato sauces (my French and Marella Hazan’s Bolognese). With these on hand we can do easy/fast pastas – spaghetti, lasagna, etc. We’ll also do a large batch of our answer to V-8’s tomato cocktail. We take advantage of our farms stands baskets of less than perfect tomatoes to do all this at very little cost…
  I’ll par boil a mess of ears of corn (2 minutes), dump them in ice water, cut off the kernels and freeze.  In addition to the obvious, I like to dump a half cup or so in my portion of the pancake batter. (Warner loathes corn pancakes, so I do his with fruit). You’ll never get better frozen corn during the winter. And we’ve put up I don’t know how many fresh berries so we’re both happy.
And Warner has put up about 60 pounds of various types of pickles, so we’re good on that front.  We are discussing having good friends over as the pickles are ready to eat for the Blessing of the Cured Cucumbers. A twenty first century concept of a harvest feast…

Mon. AM   Galette with  Tomatoes, Leeks and Blue Cheese revisited
Mon. PM Grilled Korean BBQ Beef NYTG
Eric Ripert’s Israeli Couscous Tabbouleh BA 7/15
Fresh Corn

Tues. AM Cold Cream of Cucumber Soup GM 8/04
Chicken cutlet, bacon, tomato & home made dill pickle sandwich

Tues. PM Chicken Parmesan revisited

Weds. AM Gazpacho Hamburgers
Weds. PM Sesame Orange Shrimp MS/VB
Steamed Rice

Sautéed Baby Spinach

Thurs.PM Chicken Curry f/i
Steamed Rice
Baby Peas
Fri. AM Cold Cucumber Soup Revisited
Fri. PM 12 Hour Slow Cooker Carolina Style Pork BBQ Sandwiches  
Epicurious 8/16
Cole Slaw
Sat. AM Gazpacho Revisited
Craig Claiborne’s Tartare of Salmon SFCB
Crispy Spiced Chickpeas VB
Quinoa, Black Bean and Mango Salad TBMR
Rick Bayless’ Green Bean Salad with  Red Onion and Tomatillo
Salsa EM
Steak Fajitas FW 2003
Chicken Fajitas BA 7/13
Avocados/Sautéed Onions/Sautéed Peppers/Sour Cream/Avocado/
Shredded Monterey Jack/Salsa
Steamed Fresh Corn
Goat Cheese Cake with Mixed Berries BA 6/13
Sun. AM Ham Zucchini and Gruyere Frittatas MS/VB
Bacon, Melon Slices
Sun. PM Emeril’s Lemon Rosemary Balsamic Grilled Chicken Thighs FNTV
Chopped Vegetable & Couscous Salad with Black Olive
Vinaigrette FCA 48

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