Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 4, 2013


I took a nasty fall last weekend and as a result, have had limited use of my right arm.  Needless to say, I wasn't able to cook and Warner has had to step up to the bat – so to say.  He’s been exceedingly good natured about it all given the fact that normally the only two things he wants to know about dinner is (1) what time it is and (2) what wine should he serve.

As such, we've eased up on things a bit to take it easy on him.  But I really do have to comment about his statement that he just wants to keep things simple.  This from the Pickle Prince of Pomona, the Chairman of Charcuterie, the Mogul of Marmalades of Many Flavors, the King of the Stock  Shop, the High Priest of Ganach….Simple indeed!





Mon. AM             Tuscan Minestrone with Peasant Bread  f/i

Mon. PM              Chicken and Vegetables in a Pot with Aioli
                             Tossed Salad, Peasant Bread

Tues. AM             Cheese Burgers

Tues. PM              New England Boiled Dinner (Corned Beef, Turnips, Parsnips,
                            Carrots, Onions and Potatoes with 
                             Mustard and Horseradish Sauce) CC1
                             Irish Soda Bread

Weds. AM            Pasta with White Clam Sauce CCI

Weds. PM            Singapore Noodles with Shrimp, Pork, Garlic, Ginger
                                and Bean Sprouts  NED
                             Steamed Rice

Thurs.  PM           New England Boiled Dinner Revisited
                             Irish Soda Bread

Fri. AM                Pea Soup with Croutons f/i

Fri. AM                      Pasta in clam sauce

 Fri AM

Fri. PM                 Ina’s Steak Au Poivre BIP
                             Sautéed Potatoes with Garlic IHC
                             Roasted Beets with Goat Cheese

Sat. AM               Challah French Toast egg on a raft

Sat. PM                Cheese Platter
                             Chicken Skewers with Meyer Lemon Salsa BA 1/12
                             Rice Pilaf
                             Roasted Kale

Sun. AM              Pork Goulash f/i

Sun. PM               Cheese Platter
                             Charcoute Garnti TFSC 114
                             Sausages and Sauerkraut with Cornichons and Horseradish

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