Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013

Ginny took a bad fall at the end of this week, and I've been doing the cooking since. I am not an a la minute chef, I've some dishes which are mine, and I do the grilling, but mostly I work on things like my bi-annual marmalade-a-thon (so far 4 types with at least that many go go).

Pictures may not match description, the pictures are correct.

Mon. AM   Classic Pancakes with Chicken Gravy

Mon. PM    Sauerbraten f/i
                   Potato Pancakes, Red Cabbage

Tues. AM   Jacques Pepin’s Garbure (a rustic French white bean soup
                            with a ham bone, carrots, parsnips and Emmemtaler Cheese)
                   with Peasant Bread EP 33

Tues. PM    Roasted Red Pepper, Poblano and Chicken Tacos  FCA 158
                   Moro y Cristianos (Moors and Christians – or black beans and rice with
                             Lime) Epicurus 2011

Weds. AM  David Lebowitz’ Shakshuka (Eggs poached in a spicy mélange of vegetables
                             With peasant bread for dipping.

Weds. PM   Pork Milanese
                   Pasta with French Tomato Sauce
                   Tossed Salad

Thurs  PM  Whole Branzino Roasted with Salt Crust and Served with Salsa Verda BA 1/06
                   Risotto Milanese f/i

Fri. AM      Garbure revisited

Fri. PM       Lydia’s Steak Maremma  LI                                                     
                   Sautéed Potatoes with Garlic IHC
                   Broccoli Velvet Puree BOTB Vol 15 182

Sat. AM      Bacon, Egg, Tomato and Cheese Sandwich

Sat. PM      Chinese Chicken Wings CCI
                   Bangers and Mash with Devils Gravy LPK 69

Sun. AM     Chili f/I

Sun PM      Garlic Shrimp Tapas
                   Chanterelle’s Chicken and Dumplings BOTB Vol 6
                   Tossed Salad

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