Sunday, November 4, 2012

November 5, 2012


This has been a hell of a week with the arrival Hurricane Sandy.  We weren't hit too hard.  We lost power Mon afternoon and got it back on Weds. about dinner time.   There are still folks in these parts without power after what will be a week tomorrow.

The major problem in this part of the country was downed trees.  We have frequently mourned the fact that the developer here leveled everything when he built, so we have no lovely old trees. Not so, just below us in the Redwoods section. They built among the trees. And many of these trees are down.  Across the roads.  Across the wires. 

Across the homes.  Something like 8 people have been killed here in their homes when these big old trees crashed into their homes. Awful.

The shore areas of the Island and Jersey have been devastated.  It is difficult to look at the photos of all this wreckage.  Hard hit also were the Hudson River towns that got hit with tidal surges.   Don’t think we’ll be having lunch at one of our river front places anytime soon.

It has turned cold here.  We coped well as Warner made lord knows how many gallons of stock over those days – and canned them.  Got the meat out of the freezer so it wasn’t lost if the blackout continued.  And heated up the kitchen and lower floor.  It is amazing what warmth a big stove with 20 and 40 quart pots on it can generate.
What frightens me now is the prediction that Weds/Thurs. we are going to get hit with a Nor’easter.  40-50 mph winds again.  We are in too fragile a state here to deal well with this at all….

We however are prepared

Mon. AM             Pizza

Mon. PM              Jacques Pepin’s Chicken Bouillabaisse FFMW 150
                             Salad, French Bread

Tues. AM             Steak and Eggs

Tues PM               Braised Pork Belly revisited
                             Buckwheat Spaetzle, Collards 

                             Pork Scaloppini ala Milanese
                             Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce, Salad

Weds. AM            French Toast with Challah

Weds. PM            Chicken Bouillabaisse Revisited

Thurs. AM           Burgers

Thurs. PM            Cod Bercy CFSF   133
                             Steamed Rice, Baby Peas
                             We went out.

Fri. PM                 Pork Scaloppini ala Milanese
                             Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce, Salad
                             Chicken Bouillabaisse Revisited again

Sat. AM               Julia Child’s Shrimp Quiche JCI

Sat. PM                Roquefort Gougeres FW 2008 296
                             Warner’s Pot Roast with Root Vegetables
                             Mashed Potatoes, French Bread


Sun. AM              Spaghetti Frittata CIC II 350
                                   Ham and cheese pannini

Sun. PM               Roast Turkey with Stuffing and Pan Gravy
                             Steamed Rice, Asparagus

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