Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 12, 2012


Of late I've been rather caught up in the storms, the elections; the start of some dental work that I lost track of what time of year it was – especially with Thanksgiving coming essentially a week earlier.   Ooops.  I’m behind the eight ball, but somehow will catch up…I think.  I have a working menu to start on.  Now I need a head count.  And the same kind of energy I had twenty years ago…..

So this will be a busy week and I need to keep my food rather simple and non labor intensive – or at least as low as possible.  Next week will be leftovers and Chinese take-out on Tues – if Warner is lucky. Then we get into our annual food frenzy. And I’ll swear, as I do every year, that next year we’ll just order pizza….

Mon. AM              Hot Turkey Sandwiches

Mon. PM              Warner’s Pot Roast with Root Vegetables
                             Mashed Potatoes

Tues. AM             Pancakes with Turkey Gravy

Tues. PM              Roast Turkey with Stuffing and Pan Gravy
                             Steamed Rice, Asparagus

Weds. AM            Bacon Eggs and Cheese on a Roll

Weds. PM            Turkey Mole Burritos FW 12/85 26
                             Tossed Salad

Thurs. PM            Flounder Meniere
                             Lemon Pasta EI
                             Tossed Salad

Fri. AM                Turkey Gumbo FW 11/87 132

Fri. PM                 Sautéed Filet Mignon with Black Olives & 
                            Sun Dried Tomatoes FW 9/90 86
                             Sautéed Potatoes with Garlic and Parsley IHC

Sat. AM               Chili f/I, Steamed Rice

Sat. PM                Baked Clams
                             Port Glaze Roasted Game Hens with Couscous Stuffing FCA 187
                             Sautéed Green Beans

Sun. AM              Turkey Gumbo

Sun. PM               Chinese Chicken Wings CCII
                             Pork Goulash CIA CAT 121
                             Sour  Cream, Spaetzle
                             Red Cabbage f/i

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