Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 14, 2011


My creative energies this week are focused less on what this menu will be and more on what I will feed the family next week.  They eat a lot….and Thanksgiving is the most festive day in our calendar.

 The key to survival and sanity is very simple.  It’s called planning.  I will need to have my menu set, my shopping lists for Monday and Weds. set and most of the housecleaning done. (It’s the latter that I really dread…) And also all of my Christmas shopping done and wrapped so I can send them home with them . (We don’t get to see them over Christmas).   It’s a lot but we manage.  And we do so enjoy having everyone here….

Mon. AM             Pea Soup

Mon. PM              Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic
                             Steamed Rice, Tossed Salad, Peasant Bread
                            Jacob's Creek Cabernet Shiraz

Tues. AM             Grilled Bratwurst with sauerkraut

Tues. PM              Pan Roasted Salmon with Red Wine and Lentils LBCBR 198
                             Tossed Salad, Peasant Bread
                              Los Vascos - Chili Colchagua Valley Chardonnay 2008

Weds. AM            Chicken Lo Mein AP

Weds. PM            Beef Gratin Parmentier ECWJ P 123
                             Steamed Broccoli
                             Rosemount Shiraz

Thurs. PM            Baked Flounder with Parmesan Crusts FW 2003
                             Pasta with French Tomato Sauce
                             Baby Peas
                              Los Vascos - Chili Colchagua Valley Chardonnay 2008

Fri. AM                Ham and Cheese Panini
                            Costco Pepperoni Pizza

Fri. PM                 Bistecca Maremma
                             Tossed Salad, Peasant Bread
                             Rosemount Cabernet
                             The recipe and a far more detailed account may be found
                              here. Details of this new feature may be found at the bottom                           
                              of this entry.

Sat. AM               Gumbo

Sat. PM                Marinated Herring on Crackers
                             Madeline Kamman’s Tian of Lamb on a Bed of Potatoes WFWC
                             Sautéed Green Beans
                            Terra Nobel Cabernet

Sun AM               Ham and Cheese Panini

Sun. PM              Boursin & Crackers
                             Bone in Pork Roast with Honey & Mustard FW 12/99
                             Red Wine Pan Sauce
                             Mashed Potatoes
                            Yellow Tail Reserve Cabernet
                             Steamed Carrots
Mon. AM              Gumbo

Mon. PM               Grilled double pork chops in tomato BBQ sauce
                              Baked Potato
                             Green Salad
                             Rosemount Shiraz 2008

We don't give the nieces, nephews and their children much at Christmas. Oh the children do get something but there really is no exchange among the adults. Last year Virginia knit all 17 of them hats.

However one thing we are is a family that enjoys food, so we decided to share some of our favorites. We make one or two of these in the course of a normal week, taking pictures, writing a blog entry, perhaps some sort of publishing at the end and though that isn't an end.

The blog entry for a recipe won't be here, it will be at my blog The Art of the Pig http://blog.charcuteire.com/ after all, doing a 25 picture essay with recipe for Bread and Butter pickles is kind of over kill for this blog.

These are our recipes, the list may have come from one of the greats, although the Bread and Butter pickles actually is mine, but the text and the pictures come from us.

The working title is From the Kitchens of North Ridge Road and at some point the blog entry there, and perhaps here, will include a link to a PDF version. In any case feel free to down load and share, just if you use our text and pictures 

give us credit.

 Virginia L. Dyson & Warner W. Johnston


  1. Can hardly wait for the Thanksgiving Day Menu!


  2. The cooking has started, and most of the lunchs on the menu are now out the window. I'm not going to post pictures of Costco pepperoni pizza, but we will get two lunches off it. Wednesday before Thanksgiving will be left over Chinese take out from the night before.


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