Monday, October 31, 2016

October 31, 2016

Life is too short to be bored by dinner…

Things change.  When I made up the menu for last weekend I falsely assumed that the turkey in the freezer was a 12-14 pounder.  It was, in fact, 22 pounds. It was too big for recipe I planned to use, so I just roasted it.
Now this may seem absurd for a family of two (the happy cats got the turkey liver), but it reality is not.  I’ve seen a fair amount written recently about “cooking for two” – as in take two hamburger patties or chicken breasts or whatever.  Bull.  Larger makes more sense.
From this one turkey Warner and I will have two lovely turkey dinners. Then I’ll do a big pot of turkey vegetable soup with noodles.  And I’ll cook up a mess of turkey chili for the freezer. Or I could do a load of pulled turkey, but I’ve got some pulled pork in there now. And I’ll want some chunks in the freezer in case is get a yearning for, say a turkey tetrazzini or turkey enchiladas. Or pot pies.  Or sandwiches.
It’s like with roast beef.  Go to the local deli around here and you’ll pay about  $10. per pound for roast beef.  Get a large roast on sale for three something, roast it up and slice it on the meat slicer.  Boom.  Great Roast Beef sandwiches for a couple of months.
And so we have sandwich packs in the freezer generally of turkey, beef, ham and corned beef.  Purchased from quality butchers. Cooked to our standards. And greatly enjoyed. 
And that is just one of the reasons that the two of us old geezers need two freezers….

We are feeding a group of feral cats, this one wants to know why breakfast is late. He may be trying to move in

Mon. AM    Buttermilk Waffles with Fresh Berries

Mon. M       Chicken Mole, Steamed Rice
                   Tossed Salad

Tues. AM    Beef Barley Soup with Orange SOUP

Tues. PM    Roast Turkey, Pan Gravy
                   Steamed Rice
                   Buttered Baby Carrots

Weds AM    Turkey Chili with Black Beans GM 11/08 10
                   Steamed Rice

Weds. PM   Sausage Bean and Pasta Stew with Parmesan
                   Tossed Salad, Baguette

Thurs.         Surprise Me From The Freezer Day

Fri. AM       Turkey Soup with Lasagna Noodles MS/VB

Fri. PM       Steak and Soba Stir Fry with Baby Bok Choy BA 4/13
                   Steamed Rice

Sat. AM      Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Cole Slaw

Sat. PM       Poulet Provencal GM 3/08
     (Brined Chicken with Tomatoes and Black Olives)
Tossed Salad, French Bread

Sun. AM     Classic Gumbo f/i

Sun. PM      Marcellla’s Spareribs Roasted with Sage & White White
    Tuscan Style ECIC
Penne Rigate with Arugula and Almond Pesto MS/VB

Tossed Salad

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