Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 17, 2016

Life is too short to be bored by dinner….


This is a week of recovery.  Last weekend we drove to Ohio to attend the 50th anniversary of my graduation from Marietta College.  This weekend also was the inauguration of Dr. William Rudd as the new president.
A dear friend of mine talked me into working on “The Committee”.  I was skeptical at first, but as my husband said, “you can’t say no to Chris”.  And I am ever so glad that I did.
The work on the committee was a fair bit of work, but it was a wonderful experience as I came across and connected with so many names from so long ago. Once there, it was as though we had never left – except of course for the gray hair, the extra pounds and the comfortable shoes.
We were, and still are, a great group of people. I am privileged to be a part of it.

Mon. AM Hot and Sour Soup (leftover from Chinese take-out Sun. eve)

Mon. PM Roasted Chicken with Pan Gravy
Steamed Rice, Sautéed Spinach

Tues. AM Buttermilk Pancakes with Fresh Berries or Chicken Gravy

Tues. Eve. White Beans with Sausage f/i
Tossed Salad

Weds. AM Turkey Chili f/i, Sour Cream, Shredded Cheddar

Weds. PM Roast Chicken revisited
Butter Sautéed Carrots

Thurs. AM Pulled Pork on Kaiser Rolls f/i
Cole Slaw

Thurs. PM Slow Cooker Ropa Viega FNTV
Steamed Rice
Tossed Salad

Fri. AM Craig Claiborne’s Corned Beef Hash CC I
Hashed Brown Potatoes CCI
Poached Eggs

Fri. PM Julia’s Poulet en Cocotte Bonne Femme JCI
(Casserole Roasted Chicken with Bacon, Onions and Potatoes)
Tossed Salad, Peasant Bread

Sun. AM Lidia’s Pasta Bolognese f/i

Sun. PM Roasted Loin of Pork with Sherry and Sauteed Red Onions FW 11/97
Martha’s Mushroom and Celery Root Bread Pudding MS/VB
Tossed Salad

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