Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 13, 2012


We attended a public meeting last night dealing with the prospect of opening a new Wal-Mart in our tiny little hamlet.  Excepting the obvious, (which is we don’t want the damn thing), there are serious concerns about the environment, traffic, quality of life, etc.  The village runs along a two lane road and for as long as we have been up here (since 96); this road has become increasingly congested.  No traffic study needed.

Needless to say, they did do a traffic study and came to the conclusion that traffic levels were actually down.  One of the reasons they cited for this was the high rate of unemployment in the area.  Huh?  Are they suggesting that none of these good folks will ever work again?  Or drive to interviews, or to the store.  I’m waiting to hear at the next meeting that they have been taking statistics from local funeral homes.  Only makes sense with this line of logic.

Mon. AM             Cold Cuts

Mon. PM              Grilled Whole Trout with OJ 
                              and Raspberries FNTV
                             Herbed Brown Rice Salad 
                             with Tomato BA 8/86 22

Tues. AM             Sandwich (due to all day conference call)

Tues. PM              Slow Cooked Pork in Balsamic Vinegar 
                             with Carrots
                             Steamed Rice

Weds. AM            Grilled Sausage and Sauerkraut

Weds. PM            Grilled Buffalo Chicken Wings 
                             with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce BCFS
                             Wally Malouf’s Potato Salad 
                             with Radishes HRVCK

Thus  PM              Fried Perch Milanese Style TSCT 150
                             Nicoise Style Orzo Salad with Nicoise, 
                             Tomatoes and Capers FW 2000 71

Fri. AM                Cold Cuts

Fri. PM                 Marinated Pork Chop with 
                             Pineapple Salsa FW 2000 79
                             Quinoa Salad with Peas, Corn, Cucumber, 
                             Fennel and Celery FW 6/94 94

(think this is an indoor grill night)

Sat. AM               Hamburgers

Sat. PM                Grilled Rosemary Lamb Chops RG 1 4
                             Couscous and 
                             Pecan Salad FW 10/93  opp pg 105

Sun. AM              Corn Pancakes with Syrup

Sun.  PM              Blue Cheese and Crackers
                             Tuscan Style Chicken 
                            Grilled Under A Brick PB 377
                             Pasta with Pesto
                             Sliced Tomatoes

No filter it really was that color

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