Friday, July 13, 2012

July 9, 2012


Cats are perverse.  On a cold winter night when one could appreciate a warm fuzzy beast in one’s lap, they are no where to be seen. On an evening when temps are still in the high 80s – then they want to get up close and personal… I swear she stays up nights planning ways to annoy us.

Our grape tomatoes on the deck are finally ripening and we’ve had several salads off of them.  They have wonderful, fresh flavor and our colors range from red to orange to yellow.  I just wish our main crop tomatoes would come along faster.  However, there are lots of young tomatoes developing and lots and lots of flowers.  Lots of flowers on the squash and cucumber plants too – but only one sex.  We’ll have to bring Dr. Ruth in to talk to them, I guess.  And we’ll get another double batch of pesto this week. The basil is really going nuts this year.

This afternoon I got a new cookbook in today called The Farm.  It looks to be quite interesting – I love settling down with with a really good new cookbook. I guess that is why I have so many of them….I think we’re about at 800 now. So enough already.  A book has to have something special now before I pull out the old credit card…

Mon. AM             Cold Cuts

Mon. PM              Catfish a la Creole LBC 
                             Steamed Rice
                             Sautéed Zucchini

Tues. AM             Beef Salad Larcon GM 6/84

Tues. PM              BBQ Chicken 
                             with White BBQ Sauce Served Cold
                             Julia Child’s Classic French Potato Salad JC1
                             Roasted Beet Salad 
                             with Orange Vinaigrette WSPT

Weds. AM            Grilled Burgers

Weds. PM            Dinner with Peter and Angela
                             Boiled Shrimp & Dipping Sauce of Mayo,
                             Tomato & Cognac CCI
                             Julian Child’s Turkey Tonnato FW &/94
                             Giada’s Orzo Salad with Orange, Grapefruit 
                             and Red Onion GK 81
                             Haricots Verts a la Grecque JCI
                             Fresh Fruit Salad with Mint 

Thurs. PM            Spicy Chorizo and Shrimp Kbobs FW 2006 206
                                    Sliced  Tomato

Fri. AM                Cold Cuts

Fri. PM                 Bobby Flay’s Grilled Chicken Thighs 
                             with Green Olives 
                             and Sherry Vinegar Sauce BFGI 74
                             Pasta with French Tomato Sauce
                             Steamed Corn CCI

Sat. AM               Grilled Sausage

Sat. PM                Cold Cream of Carrot Soup CCI
                             Herbed Shrimp and White Bean Salad 
                             w Watercress & Arugula CL 8/12 24

Sun. AM              Shrimp Burritos FW 6/87 92

Sun. PM               Chaarcuterie Platter with Rosemary Salami
                             Grilled Filet Mignon 
                            with Roasted Red Pepper BT
                             Curried Quinoa Salad with Mango
                             Cucumber Mousse GMMCB 488

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