Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 19, 2012


My cat speaks English.  Yesterday was her annual trip to the vet.   She figured this out early in the day when we wouldn’t let her out and then we closed  the door to the powder room (We had the cat carrier stashed in there) As the morning wore on she became smaller and smaller and finally almost invisible under the big sofa. She had heard us talking and she knew...

Small as she is, she is a hell of a wild cat to capture and load into the carrier.  This is not her happy place.  And the names she called us! Who would have thought that such a normally well-mannered animal could use such language – but this she did. She had some unkind words for the vet as well.

Fortunately her visit was a short one  and we were out  fairly quickly.  Then she was free to chase all the robins she wanted.  And as a reward for leaving most of our skin intact, she got two  shrimp for dinner…

Mon. AM             Sausage and Lentil Soup with Ditalini f/i

Mon. PM              Grilled Chicken Thighs BA 6/077 121
                             Warm German Potato Salad with home cured bacon
                             Tossed Salad

Tues. AM             Minestrone f/i

Tues. PM              New England Boiled Dinner CCI
                             Irish Soda Bread

Weds. AM            Knockwurst

Weds. PM            Pork, Sausage and Cranberry Bean Stew f/i
                             Steamed Rice
                             Sautéed Cabbage

Thurs AM             Grilled Chicken Thights
                             Cold German Potato Salad

Thurs. PM            Broiled Salmon with Horseradish Crusts GM 3/92 104
                             Orzo with Citrus Zest IMK 140
                             Baby Peas

Fri. AM                Kick Butt Gumbo with Steamed Rice f/i

Fri. PM                 Shabu Shabu Fondue 114
                              (Japanese Beef Tenderloin One Pot with Noodles, 
                             Tofu, Sprouts and Garnishes)  
                              Steamed Rice
                             Salad with Ginger Dressing

Sat. AM               Cheese Omelets wish fresh bacon

Sat. PM                Mustard Batons AMFT
                             Herb Brined Turkey BA 11/ 04 160
                             Turkey Gravy
                             Creole Stuffing with Andouille and Red Peppers BA 11/99
                             Steamed Rice
                             Roasted Asparagus with Parmesan BCFW
                             Carrot Salad with Raisins and Sherry Vinegar Food Net.
                             Crème Brulee Tart GM 10/08 184

Sun. AM              Hot dogs

Sun PM                Grilled Shrimp with Lime
                             Memphis Style Ribs BB 175
                             Grilled Potatoes a la Ketchup BB 394
                             Grilled Red Onions

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